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Different Ways You Can Use Sparklers At Your Wedding

Guest Post by: Libba Durrett | Founder of Sparklers Online

Typically, when we think of using wedding sparklers on our special day, we envision us leaving the reception and all of our friends and families holding glowing sparklers into the sky. Of course, this is a beautiful way to use sparklers and the pictures will look amazing! However, there are tons of other ways that we can use sparklers at our weddings.

Here’s a few more ideas -

Sparklers at 1st Dance

What’s a better way to have a romantic moment than looking into your bride or grooms’ eyes as you share your first dance with a circle of sparklers surrounding the newly married couple.

Sparklers for the Ceremony

If you are planning on an outside wedding, one thing you can do is give every guest a sparklers and a lighter in each row. Once the newlyweds are announced and they share their first kiss every guest will light light their sparkler and hold it in the air. What a moment!

Sparklers in the Wedding Cake

This is a great option for many if they want to use sparklers in a different way. If you buy the smokeless sparklers and have a styrofoam base, you can implement sparklers in the cake. They are best to be lit when the cake is being brought out or cut.

Wedding Photos

When the wedding party get their pictures taken, people can make beautiful pictures by using the sparklers. If the photographer uses a slow shutter-speed then the party can spell or draw things with the sparklers. Writing things like “Love” or drawing a heart are beautiful for this!

With the Champagne Bottles

Before the guests begin toasting and the champagne is poured, consider adding some bottle sparklers to the bottles for a nice flare.

Have a Sparkle Girl

Do you want to do something a little bit different than what is traditional? How about instead of a flower girl you have a sparkler girl, slowly walking down the aisle with a glowing sparkler in their hand? Having a slight twist on the norm will make your day more memorable and unique.

Use Them as Wedding Favors

Your guests will be excited to have wedding sparklers of their own to take home and use for their own beautiful pictures or moments. Also, you can encourage them to light them at the reception and have your photographer take in these special moments. Give some direction like telling couples to kiss with their sparklers or having kids spell out words!

However you decide to use sparklers on your wedding is a great idea! A little sparkle will make any moment pop and look amazing in pictures. If you are looking to buy wedding sparklers consider taking a look at Sparklers Online to fulfill your need, whatever they may be.

Joyeux Events opinion: We LOVE using Sparklers Online. The long burn time on the 36" sparklers enables us to get everyone in line, lit up and there's still plenty of time for you to go through it a few times for the perfect picture. We also HIGHLY suggest you get the torch. It lights it 5x faster than a typical lighter. And of course, have a bucket of sand or bucket of water nearby to put them out and cool down. Your coordinator should make sure the venue allows sparklers, that no overly drunk people get a sparkler and that they're ready to collect them all from guests after it's over. Sparklers are so fun but it's an organized event, let us help you make it a memorable moment in the best way ; )


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