Did you just receive a Joyeux gift card?! Wondering what to use it on?

  1. If you are not a booked client, use it on a consultation with us! Each hour with us (over zoom) is $100 and things we could cover but are not limited to:

  • Helping you set a realistic budget

  • Recommending the best vendors for you

  • Doing virtual place setting mockups

  • Help you create a rental or floral order

  • Help you create a spreadsheet that lists every item you need to make your wedding happen 

  • Review contracts to make sure you're not missing anything

  • Creating a wedding day timeline so you have the best possible day

  • Recommending a realistic planning checklist and planning timeline 


2.  Apply it towards your month of coordination package to have us help you earlier than 40 days out

3.  Apply it towards your partial planning package to increase your planning hours because you realize how much you love having someone help you!

4.  Apply it towards upgrading to full planning service or paying your balance

5.  Apply it towards your decor rentals that come from us.